two (one).

In this small series of works, Ekun Richard explores the theme of lost connections between people, and with nature and the animal world, and the range of emotions people feel when dealing with loss. He works instinctively, in a way that often leads to his paintings taking on the essence of what is going on his day to day life.

Two (One) is characterised by dual forms, parallel, mirrored and extended. The paintings describe a cycle of two becoming one, but are also a documentation of inner growth and refocusing. For Richard, working on them has been accompanied by an emerging appreciation of difficult situations which, in contemplation, are revealed as necessary for further development of self. ‘Hold Me Up’ considers the possibility of leaning on the people around you; the forms and composition evoke feelings of being lifted up and supported.

The series is another stepping stone on the journey of self-reflection that is Richard’s painting practice. Working on larger canvases is also an opportunity to examine scale and detail in a new way, which builds on his last show at Francis Gallery, Say Your Words to The Sun.
- based in manchester, uk.                                                                                                                                       
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